Any product, any size!

Working with raw materials we can formulate an extensive range of chemical products. We bottle from 50ml to 1000 Litres. Our production facility and bottling plant allows us to manufacture anything from a 50ml single bottle to a 1000 litre industrial sized unit and of course anything and everything in-between. Discover more about our own […]


Own Label with McKLords

Looking for Own Label Chemical Products? Would you like to design and create your own products? We can help! McKLords is a one stop solution providing a complete turnkey service for all your chemical needs. We understand the value of own brand products and are market leaders in providing expertise in chemical formulation, branding, packaging […]


Garden Genie Plant Feeds

Benefits of liquid plant feeds Liquid chemical feeds have a number of benefits for both the soil and the plants you are using them on. They are much easier to apply and provide quicker results than conventional powdered varieties which can require extra care in their use and much more preparation time. The chemical balance […]

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