We have over 30  years of experience in Chemical Manufacturing. We take pride in delivering a fully bespoke service for clients all over the World.

Here at McKLords we offer a complete chemical manufacturing solution. We have a wide range of products that fit into multiple industries. We perform all manufacturing on site and can work to produce anything you could need.

We Are Own Label Specialists

McKLords capability in producing premium quality chemicals is just the starting point. Here at McKLords, we believe that own label branding is a vital marketing tool to help you stand out within your industry.

Our stated business development direction is in bespoke own label formulations, drawing from a wealth of experience in both retail and industrial product development and manufacturing. It has previously been thought that own brand labeled products are a difficult position to achieve; however, the services that we provide prove this to be wrong.

We are own label specialists, working with large blue-chip companies to design an own brand chemical product range which truly reflects their company’s values and position within the industry. We see ourselves not only as a supplier but a development arm for many of our customers, aiding them to produce their own label chemical cleaning range which will stand out in the highly saturated market. We work alongside our clients developing a real partnership, ensuring that full communication exists throughout the development process and that the final product exceeds expectations. As a manufacturer of innovative cleaning products, we provide a complete and comprehensive own label chemical product packaging program.

Benefits of Own Label Products

Own label branding allows you to market our products as your own. This will allow you to easily enhance and expand your company’s product range, without having to worry about making the products yourself. Our private label services can save you time, money and effort as compared to product development from scratch.

There are also the benefits of limited start-up costs with own label branding which means that these savings can be directly passed onto your customers. Our years of experience within the chemical industry and own label branding means that there are minimal risks associated with creating your own brand product, and we can help ensure that your products make the maximum impact within your specified marketplace.

Our own label packaging offers you exclusive brand identity providing your customers with product recognition exclusive to your company. We believe that own label branding is a real opportunity to carve out a niche market for your products.

Our huge variety of chemical formulations means that you can choose your own blending along with your specified packaging, making your product unique to the rest in the market. Our own label products allow you to gain competitive differentiation, customer loyalty, brand recognition, and enhanced marketing and sales messages.

    • Our design team coordinates all products packaging design from sourcing components to sample creation.


    • We source all packaging components from label prints to bottling to ensure that your product stands out in the market.


    • Our marketing team coordinate all own label design to ensure that your product reflects your brand image and creates brand awareness within the market. We ensure that all packaging reflects your brand image and is easily distinguishable within the market.


    • We can provide product mock-ups/samples of your own label product before it goes into production to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction.

If Own Brand Labelling is something you would like to discuss further with our experienced marketing team please call us on 01745 585995.

We can provide sample own label designs on request to show you how own label branding could benefit your company and your chemical products.

Complete Product Development

We have over 30 years of chemical manufacturing experience, from producing chemicals for industrial use to household products.

We specialise in producing bespoke products to suit our customer’s needs. Our expert team are always happy to help and work to produce products to fit your exact needs with no financial commitment.

  • We source all product ingredients and other components, coordinating with vendors to ensure that we have the exact chemicals and materials needed for your bespoke product.
  • All product labelling is done in-house ensuring that the product is ready for sale when it reaches you.
  • Our experienced workforce bottle all chemical formulas in-house straight from the location they have been blended.
  • Our experienced team will pick and package your products to ensure that they reach you in perfect condition. Packaging can be done in bulk or in single packaging, we will pack your products to your exacting standards.