High powered products for the home, inspired by the spirit of Scandinavian design. This minimalist, no-nonsense product range emphasises exclusively on high-end product formulations for assured results. From cleaners to protectors our products provide complete care for the home.

De Amour

A bespoke range of high quality cleaning products to care and protect the home. Formulated to the highest specification, this formidable range tackles all challenges with ease. The De Amour range is more than just cleaners, it is an expression of our passion for the best quality products for home care and protection.


An exclusive range of hand soaps. Formulated by experts to be gentle on the skin. Presented in Scandinavian style minimalistic packaging, this range exudes premium personal care. Choose from our wide range of fresh & fruity fragrances.

Problem Solved

Taking from the idea that there is always a solution for almost everything, here is our extraordinarily extensive product range that has been perfected over the years. Our products are formulated to target specific areas making this a high-end speciality offering. From cleaning to protection, from care to comfort Problem Solved has an answer.

Amour Blanchisserie

An array of specifically designed high quality formulations of laundry
detergents and conditioners. This is a range that has been tried, tested and perfected to deliver an opulent collection of products that leave your fabrics beautiful and with luxurious finish.

Virtue Clean

Eco Virtue Clean is a unique collection of formulations that provide the
highest standard of home cleaning using only eco-friendly ingredients.
Sensitively developed to ensure that eco-credentials are not compromised, this range boasts of sustainable products for a sustainable environment.

Garden Genie

Garden Genie is a high-quality range of speciality garden cleaners and treatments that have been specifically formulated to target all garden and outdoor needs.

Pet Power

An extensive range of lifestyle pet care products that have been developed and perfected for all your pet care needs. This formidable range offers
product that are functional as well as high value providing the complete
pet care solution.

Posh Paws

Posh Paws is our brand-new range in pet care. Positioned for those who
want the best, it boasts of clean design attributes with minimalistic packaging. This high-powered pet cleaning & care range will be the best
for those little posh paws both in appearance and in results.


A rustic back-to-basics range in DIY products. This collection of polishes
and waxes are designed to protect the wooden treasures, new and old, revive and extends their lifespan. There is nothing more real than authentic waxes and methods that ensure enduring and superior finishes. Harolds is
a brand on its way to becoming a legacy in wood care and protection.


Offering a wide variety of professional solutions our cutting edge and
uniquely diverse, comprehensive range of outstanding premier valeting
and cleaning products are formulated and designed to the highest
specification. Premium solutions for a premium industry.