Over 30 years of Chemical Manufacturing.

Here at McKLords Ltd we believe that own label branding is a vital marketing tool to help you stand out within your industry.

Our stated business development direction is in bespoke own label formulations, drawing from a wealth of experience in both retail and industrial product development and manufacturing. It has previously been thought that own brand labelled products are a difficult position to achieve; however, the services that we provide prove this to be wrong.

We are own label specialists, working with large blue chip companies to design an own brand chemical product range which truly reflects their companies values and position within the industry. We see ourselves not only as a supplier but a development arm for many of our customers, aiding them to produce their own label chemical cleaning range which will stand out in the highly saturated market. We work alongside our clients developing a real partnership, ensuring that full communication exists throughout the development process and that the final product exceeds expectations.

As a manufacturer of innovative cleaning products we provide a complete and comprehensive own label chemical product packaging program.

End-to-End Manufacturing Solution.

Our end-to-end manufacturing process ensures that we have complete control over our production and output. 

Our success to date is based upon focusing on the individual care and attention to our customers’ needs, providing tailor made solutions to match client and market demands rather than creating products and then finding a market for them. We work alongside our clients and adopt a flexible and partnering approach in order to create customised products that are perfect for their individual markets.

We ensure that full communication exists throughout the development process and that the final product exceeds expectation.

With over 30 years of experience in the chemical industry and our top of the range manufacturing facility at our disposal, our team of experts can make your ideas a reality.


Our Directive

McKLords Ltd was formed as a chemical company with a major focus on the quality and performance of its products. It was clear that the industry was filled with ‘me too’ products and lacked the standards of service and individual customer focus that is a vital differentiator in today’s market place. Our business to date has been built around providing bespoke solutions to real customer problems and developing real partnerships with its clients, both industrial and retail.

Quality is key and all products are manufactured to ISO 9001. Our philosophy is simply to create the best products for a specific function without compromise. If we do not believe that our products out-perform our competitors then they are not released for sale. This philosophy holds true for all the business areas McKLords operates in.