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We’re lucky here at McKLords HQ that not only are we a stone’s throw away from the sea we’re also a quick dash up an A road and into some of the most stunning mountains in the country; perfect for exploring on foot or even better on two wheels!

Over the last few year’s North Wales has turned into a thrill seekers playground with the likes of Zip World, Surf Snowdonia and Go Below offering adrenaline filled experiences.

For those of a two wheeled persuasion, kicks can be had at the many trails and mountain biking centres across the region; where you can test out your latest gear and get your rubber dirty.

Mountain bike going along a forest trail

After a day of biking and exploring don’t forget to give your pride enjoy the best clean possible.

With so many products on the market it’s tricky to know what to use and as manufacturers of own brand and private label chemical products we realised the demand for a no-nonsense cleaner that can tackle whatever your day has thrown at you.

That’s where our Bike Stuff range comes in handy…

Selection of McKLords Bike Stuff range

Our high-performance bike cleaner is one of our best-selling products, spray on, wash with a cloth and rinse off: job done & the results speak for themselves. Follow that with our chain de-greaser and a little rust preventer (if you haven’t made it into the carbon fibre era just yet) and you are go to good, ready for your next adventure!

If we’ve inspired you to get out on your bike check out Red Bulls suggestions for some of the best mountain biking destination in Wales and why not head over to our McKLord’s Facebook page and enter our Bike Stuff giveaway which is running until Wednesday 29th May.

Happy biking!

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