Garden Genie Plant Feeds

Benefits of liquid plant feeds

Liquid chemical feeds have a number of benefits for both the soil and the plants you are using them on. They are much easier to apply and provide quicker results than conventional powdered varieties which can require extra care in their use and much more preparation time.

The chemical balance of liquid feeds balances the chemicals that naturally occur in soil and help to create the ideal growing environment for plants.

Garden Genie Plant Fertiliser

Healthy Plants

Plants benefit almost instantly from properly applied liquid chemical feeds. They can encourage plants to mature more quickly, improving the quality and even fight disease. Developing the right growing conditions is important and some feeds can improve soils by balancing the pH levels, which in turn promotes healthy growth and root systems.

Ease of application

No matter what stage of a plant’s life application is easy and has many benefits; from encouraging seeds to germinate and sprout, to the later life development of sustained flower growth and cropping.

Liquid fertiliser can also be used in automatic feeding systems, drip feeders or larger irrigation systems targeting the plants you are growing directly when they need it the most.

Here at McKLords our Garden Genie range features new liquid feeds; whether you grow your own tomatoes, wish to improve the health of your lawn or want to produce stunning, colourful hanging baskets we’ve got your green fingered needs covered.

Looking for your own range of gardening products?

Don’t forget as own & private label specialists we not only make our own ranges but design bespoke own brand chemical products… if you’d like to find out more do get in touch as we’d love to hear from you.

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