Celebrating National Gardening Week here at McKLords

All this week we’ve been celebrating National Gardening Week here at McKLords by showcasing some of products that are ideal for use in the garden.

If this is the first time you’ve heard about it, National Gardening Week is the nation’s biggest celebration of gardening and raises awareness of the difference that gardens and gardening can make to the lives of everyone in the UK. It inspires more people, particularly the next generation of gardeners, to experience the joy of growing and visiting beautiful green spaces.

We are very lucky here in North Wales to be surrounded by beautiful green spaces, a fantastic coastline and access to some stunning mountains just off it… you can literally see the sea on one side and the mountains of Snowdonia on the other!

Inspired by our own location and having some budding gardeners amongst us, we created our Garden Genie range which has a number of useful products perfect for getting your garden ready for summer.

As well as a range of handy garden cleaners, we even produce pest control products! Our Fox repellent is just one example. This completely natural product is a highly effective repellent that masks territorial markings & creates an odour that foxes find particularly unpleasant. No need to worry about harming animals either as this product is completely safe.

It doesn’t stop there either. You might think of us as sole producers of chemical cleaners, but McKLords is so much more… looking for a garden fertiliser to keep your dahlias blooming for longer? Then why not take a look at our range of plant feeds!

Discover more about how you can get involved with National Gardening Week here and if we’ve inspired you to get out in your garden this summer, why not head over to our Facebook page and enter our give away to win some of our Garden Genie range!

McKLords Garden Genie Giveaway On Facebook, Find Out More Here

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